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Cat on a Soft Blanket



Boutique Cattery is one of Auckland's top 5 star Boarding Catteries.





In 2001 Boutique Cattery was opened, a custom built luxury cattery on a beautiful rural 5 acre property at Ramarama just 30 minutes from Auckland CBD, South Auckland. As a cat lover my total focus is on my favourite feline creatures.

Jacquie has until recently, been involved with Forgotten Felines Charity re-homing feral cats and helping to carry out a capture and de sexing programme and then release the ones that just cant be re-homed. Some of the cats were abandoned by their owners and were able to be re-homed along with the kittens they may have had.

Jacquie works as a Vet Nurse and has earned the  nickname  the cat whisperer a nickname she deserves. She has run and managed other catteries and has a wealth of knowledge in the care of her favourite animal which rule her life. She is passionate about cats and has a belief that while they are with her for any length of stay they should be as pampered here as they are at their homes after all its not just the humans that need a holiday in the country!

The standards that I have for the care of your cats is second to none. The cattery is kept pristine and if you have any doubts then come and view any time during our opening ours (9-11am, 4-6pm everyday EXCEPT Wednesday when we are closed)

I have 8 cats of my own, my poppet Sahara the Burmese,Chino the Turkish Van and several cats that I adopted that had been feral and were according to some a lost cause. They have turned out to be the most loving cats I have ever owned.

The cattery is hard work but its been a life long ambition for me to be a vet nurse and the owner of a 5 star cattery,  I get so much pleasure looking after others peoples, our customers, feline friends it makes it all so worth while





The cattery is filled with places for cats to hang out and play. Music plays 24hours a day to help calm the cats and a night light is left on during the night so your cat feels less anxious.

Running water is available to all cats in the main cattery

Pick up Drop off Service

We can pick up and drop off your cats from your home or other agreed place.

Charges do apply for this service. (Does not apply to busy times)


Flea treatment applied to any of our guests staying for long term.

Applied to cats brought in with fleas at an extra cost of $30 each


Basic medication given however some medications may be extra charge

We do not take diabetic cats into our cattery, sorry.

We have rescue remedies in house just in case your cat is anxious or nervous.


Complimentary grooming for most breeds during their stay. If your cat

is need of a more comprehensive groom we can assist with that at extra costs


Heat pads are available to elderly guests. The cattery is heated in the winter nights.

Vet Services

Jacquie is a practising vet nurse so can assess your cat in the unlikely event an issue should occur.

We work with our local vets who are on call for emergencies

OverSeas Travel

We work with Elite Pet Services and can assist you with your cat’s relocation.

Guinea Pig Boarding

Guinea Pig Boarding in our purpose built facilities, call us for more details. 

Boutique Cattery
161 Ramarama Road
Ramarama, Auckland
New Zealand

Tel:  09 294 7900


Monday - Tuesday

9:00 am to 11:00 am

4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Wednesday's Closed


Thursday - Sunday

9:00 am to 11:00 am

4:00 pm to 6:00 pm


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